The department of Geography is one of the well-known Department of Chandpur Govt. College. It is situated on the 2nd floor of the main building of the college. From the beginning, Geography was included in the Higher Secondary syllabus. Then the subject was studied at Degree (pass) level from 1967. After the nationalization in 1980, an attempt had taken to open Honours course. The Department started its journey with the introduction of Honours course in 1999-2000 and Masters course in 2002-2003 session. At present, the total number of students in Honours and Masters is 300.

Offered Courses

  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc.)- Hon’s
  2. Masters of Science (MSc.)- Geography
  • The Department is an ideal example of a cordial atmosphere and regular interaction among the students. The students are regularly taking part in various co-curricular activities.
  • The department provides regular classes and Tutorial examinations for the students of all sessions.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, and meeting on the problem related to educational development
  • Co-operate with other departments in co-curricular activities and cultural activities.
  • Arrange study tour for students every year.
  • This department arranges study tours for students each year.
  • 1000 Number of books is available in the seminar for the students and teachers.
  • There is a rich and specious laboratory in the department.
  • Local and international journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, and publications are available for the students and teachers.
  • The computer and the online facilities are available for the teachers for updating their knowledge.
  • We prepared the academic calendar for the students covering the full syllabus of National University each different course every year.
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      DR. SULTANA TAUFIKA AKTERAssociate Professor
      RUQSANA AKTERLecturer
      MIJANUR RAHMANLecturer