The department of renowned Chandpur Government College which enlightens the learners with a humanitarian attitude and greatness of heart above all consideration is the department of Political Science. Since the inception of the college, Political Science was included in the Higher Secondary syllabus. Then the subject was included in the Degree (pass) course under Chittagong University. From 1994 the Honours course has been started under National University. The Department has started Masters (Preliminary) course in the session 1993-94 and Masters course in the session 1994-95. The number of students in both Honours and Masters courses is almost 800 now. The Department has a rich seminar library. At present above 2000 books, magazines and journals fulfill the necessities of the students.

In the field of art and culture, the department has greater participation. A magazine named ‘Sharanica’ was first published in the year 1999 by the Department. A wall magazine named “The Republic Campus” is regularly published. The Department has a long-time reputation of celebrating the ‘Pahela Boishakh’. Moreover, the students also participate in the activities of the national days’ celebration. By doing all these the Department is stepping ahead with positivity that will be followed and considered as the best.

Offered Courses

  1. Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)- Hon’s
  2. Masters of Social Science (MSS)- Political Science
  • This department provides regular classes and Tutorial examinations for the students of all sessions.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, and meetings on the problem related to educational development.
  • Assist the college administration in the formulation of committees and other activities related to development.
  • Co-operate with other departments in co-curricular activities and cultural activities.
  • This department arranges study tours for students each year. 
  • 2083  Number of books is available in the seminar for the students and teachers.
  • A seminar room is open for all students in every six days work week.
  • Local and international journals, magazines, periodicals, reports and publications are available for the students.
  • The computer and the online facilities are available for the teachers for updating their knowledge.
  • We prepared the academic calendar for the students covering the full syllabus of National University each different course in every year.
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        MD. RAFIQ ULLAHAssociate Professor
        MOHAMMAD ABDUL QUDDUSAssistant Professor
        MAHADI HASANAssistant Professor
        MD. ARIF ULLAH
        MD. ARIF ULLAHLecturer
        MD. MASUD ALAM
        MD. MASUD ALAMLecturer
        MD SHAMSUL HAQUELecturer