To adjust to the social atmosphere and adapt to the changing circumstances of the modern world, Social Work was introduced at first in Chandpur Govt. College in 1965. Honors and masters course was started from 1999-2000 and 2002-2003 respectively. Now a good number of students are studying in Social Work at BSS and MSS levels. Here many students participate in various co-curricular activities. Not only that, they complete their degree with brilliant results and made this department perfect.

Offered Courses

  1. Bachelor of Social Science (BSS)- Hon’s
  2. Masters of Social Science (MSS)- Social Work
  • Social Work is a modern, dynamic and social problem solution-oriented subject.
  • To make professional social worker is our vision.
  • Social Work Department would like to create social engineers so that they can play to reform Co-operate with other departments in co-curricular activities and cultural activities.
  • Here, every student of Social Work gets brilliant results so easily and job facilities are created by themselves.
  • Here, the raw materials of the learning process are very friendly to the environment. 
  • 1600  Number of books is available in the seminar for the students and teachers.
  • A seminar room is open for all students in every six days work week.
  • Local and international journals, magazines, periodicals, reports and publications are available for the students.
  • The computer and the online facilities are available for the teachers for updating their knowledge.
  • We prepared the academic calendar for the students covering the full syllabus of National University each different course in every year.
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      NASHEED SIFATLecturer
      NURUN NAHARLecturer