Chandpur Government College is the only pioneer and famous college of the Meghna riverine district of Chandpur. Department of Zoology is one of the well-known and richest departments of Chandpur Govt. College. It is situated on the east side of the 2nd floor of the main building of the college in a calm and quiet environment. It is established as an independent department on the 1st July 1965 introducing B.Sc.(pass) course in the session of 1965 – 1966. The Honors course was introduced in the 1996 – 1997 session and M. Sc. final year in 1999 – 2000.

The department has reached a phenomenal peak of progress over the few years for its remarkable success and achievement. And for this reason, the Department has become one of the popular departments not only for its demand as a subject of natural science to the students but also for the dedication, sincerity, and effective teaching of the teachers.

The Department is an ideal example of a cordial atmosphere and regular interaction among the students. The teachers-students relationship is also cordial and friendly. The students are regularly taking part in various co-curricular activities like debating competitions, cultural programs, science fairs, etc. Study tour/excursion is compulsory for every student for practical observation of the ecosystem and species/sample collection.

The most important thing of the department which is worth mentioning is its result. The result of the department is more than satisfactory. And a good number of students have come out successfully both in Honors and Master’s courses over the last years. The rate of success is cent percent. Some students have obtained 1stclass and the rest of the students secured 2nd class. There is no 3rd class and fail. The students who have succeeded with satisfactory results are already placed in different jobs elsewhere in the country.

Offered Courses

    1. Bachelor of Science (BSc.)- Hon’s
    2. Masters of Science (MSc.)- Fisheries

  • This department provides regular classes and Tutorial examinations for the students of all sessions.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, and meetings on the problem related to educational development.
  • Assist the college administration in the formulation of committees and other activities related to development.
  • Co-operate with other departments in co-curricular activities and cultural activities.
  • This department also conducts an internal audit and sometimes facilitates external audits.
  • This department arranges study tours for students each year.
  • 2000 Number of books is available in the seminar for the students and teachers.
  •  Laboratory: There is a rich and specious laboratory in this department. It is decorated with many rare species, Museum Specimen, Articulated Human skeleton, precious apparatus, chemicals and other equipment..
  • There are two class room, a rich seminar, two well-furnished laboratory room, a store room and a teacher’s room in the department. The department has the  online facility.
  • The computer and the online facilities are available for the teachers for updating their knowledge.
  • We prepared the academic calendar for the students covering the full syllabus of National University each different course in every year.
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        MD. SHAWKAT IQBAL FARUQUEEAssociate Professor
        MD. SALIM HOSSEINAssociate Professor
        SHALINA PARVINLecturer