Chandpur Govt. College is one of the renowned colleges of Bangladesh. The college is a symbol of pride for the inhabitants of Chandpur. Hussain shaheed suhrawardy, Prime Minister of undivided Bengal, laid the foundation of the college on 15th June 1946. World War II acted as the catalyst behind the establishment of the college. The British Government had transferred the Intermediate section of Comilla Victoria College at Hasan Ali Govt. High School of Chandpur for the cause of safety as the combined/allied forces were being annihilated by the attack of Japanese during the end of World War II (1939 – 1945). When the section of the Victoria College had been withdrawn in 1946 after the end of the war, the local elites and educationists took a unanimous decision to set up a college permanently at Chandpur. It was decided to start the function of the college at the left-out army camp of the Aziz Ahmed Maidan. According to the decision, the college started its glorious journey with eminent educationist Mr. Paresh Chandra Ganguli at the chair of the Principal. With the inception of the college activities, the initiative of setting up its own building was taken. Different social elites, educationists, benevolent, and organizations came forward spontaneously with the donation of money and land.

Knowledge. Faith. Service

The Value of Chandpur Government College includes…

  • We value academic freedom and lively discourse.
  • We believe that curricula should be tailored to the needs of the time and maybe modified to match national and international requirements.
  • Teaching, research, and services are our primary missions as they are interrelated.
  • Students, faculty, and the business community for whom we prepare the graduates are all members of an extended community whose active interests add strength to our efforts.
  • We believe that it is the duty of every stakeholder to ensure that the College’s image is reflected in its qualitative excellence.
  • Continuous assessment of both the students and faculty members would be the winning formula in achieving our   cherished goals of becoming one of the leading  university college under the National University in Bangladesh

Name of the College Chandpur Government College
Type Public College
Level HSC, Degree (Pass), Honours and Masters
Established 1946
Nationalized 1980
Location Chandpur City, Chandpur, Bangladesh
Area 16.56 acres
Academic Building 5 Buildings
Academic Department 18 Departments
Honours On 17 subjects
Masters On 13 subjects
Hostel (for male) 2 Buildings
Hostel (for female) 1 Building
Number of Students Near about 7500
Number of Teachers 85
Number of Office Staff Government- 27, Non-Government- 40
First Principal Mr. Paresh Chandra Ganguli
Principal at Present Professor Asit Baran Das
Vice-Principal at Present Prof. Md. Abul Khair Sarker
Mailing Address Chandpur Govt. College, Chandpur-3600,  Bangladesh
Web Address

Principal Prof. Asit Baran Das

Prof. Asit Baran Das
Principal, Chandpur Govt. College

Chandpur Govt. College is playing an extraordinary role in providing a comprehensive education to develop a nation from the moment of its birth. The institution is always committed to ensuring quality education for a large population of Chandpur district.

It is a pride and a great pleasure to know that the Bangladesh Government has organized a country-wide program of an opening website in every educational institution with a view to easy access to internet facilities. I convey my heart-appealing thanks to the Bangladesh Government for a well-timed and epoch-making endeavor. Chandpur Govt. College also is going to launch its own website. With the dreamy opening of the website Chandpur Govt. College enters into a golden age in the IT sector.

It will provide all necessary information to its teachers and students. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers of the website committee for offering their efforts and services in introducing the website in this college.

I wish every success to the program.

Vice Principal, Chandpur Govt. College

Chandpur Government College is one of the best educational institutions in Bangladesh. The traditional organization has been playing a leading role in all crises including language movement, liberation war, anti-authoritarian movement. Leading in the cultural arena of culturally rich Chandpur, this college is known as a beacon of non-communal consciousness. In an aesthetic campus with a walk of about 15,000 students, 85 teachers conduct classes and co-curricular activities. Many monuments including Bangabandhu’s memorial sculpture, Shaheed Minar, Memorial, Liberation War, and Bangabandhu Corner attract the attention of intellectuals. The first Shaheed Minar in Chandpur is located on this campus. After studying at this college, many people are involved in various glorious works in the country and abroad.

As a beacon of non-communal consciousness, this organization has been working in the spirit of the liberation war to build Bangabandhu’s “Golden Bengal”.