The department of History established with the Masters (Preliminary) course in 1996-97 session has now Honors (1998-99) and Masters (1997-98). The department of History has gone through transformations led over the years by the teachers, staff, and students. They have built a strong foundation on which we are now ready to face the challenges ahead. Through excellence in teaching and service, our dedicated teachers have distinguished themselves in the core areas of History in many related multi-disciplinary areas.

Offered Courses

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)- Hon’s
  2. Masters of Arts (MA)- History
  • This department provides regular classes and Tutorial examinations for the students of all sessions.
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, and meetings on the problem related to educational development.
  • Assist the college administration in the formulation of committees and other activities related to educational development.
  • Co-operate with other departments in co-curricular activities and cultural activities.
  • This department also conducts an internal audit and sometimes facilitates external audits.
  • This department arranges study tours for students each year.
  • 525 Number of books is available in the seminar for the students and teachers.
  • A seminar room is open for all students every six days work week.
  • Local and international journals, magazines, periodicals, reports, and publications are available for the students and teachers.
  • The computer and the online facilities are available for the teachers for updating their knowledge.
  • We prepared the academic calendar for the students covering the full syllabus of National University each different course every year.
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      MD. KHALED IKBALAssistant Professor
      MD. AL AMIN
      MD. AL AMINLecturer